Maine has more than 5,000 miles of coast and some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire state can be found here in the Kennebunks. Whether you're a family looking to set up for that perfectly relaxing day at the beach or a surfer hoping to catch the ultimate wave, the beaches in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport offer some of the best fun in the sun.


Mother's Beach / Middle Beach / Gooch's Beach (Kennebunk)
Beach Avenue, off routes 9 & 35
These long, wide sandy beaches are the perfect place to walk, sun yourself, play in the surf, look for sand dollars or just enjoy the sight of the waves rolling into shore. There are lifeguards and porta-potties at both Gooch's Beach and Mother's Beach from July through Labor Day. Mother's Beach has a new playground open to the public.

While visitors are welcome at these beaches, a permit to park at the beach is required June 15 to September 15. Day, weekly and seasonal passes are available at Kennebunk Town Hall (residents) and at electronic kiosks at the beaches. For more information and prices, call the Kennebunk Town Hall at 207-985-2102 or visit the Town Hall website.

Dogs are welcome on the Kennebunk beaches all day from Labor Day to June 15 and before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. from June 15 to Labor Day. Owners must pick up after dogs and have their dogs under voice control at all times.

Goose Rocks Beach (Kennebunkport)
Kings Highway, off Route 9, north of Cape Porpoise
At three miles long, Goose Rocks Beach is a favorite with walkers as well as the sand pail set. It's wide, smooth and sandy, and affords wonderful views of Eastern Goose Rocks and Timber Island, just off the coast.

Parking permits are required (note that Kennebunk Beach permits cannot be used here) from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day and are available at the Kennebunkport Police Department, Town Hall, Goose Rocks General Store and some accommodations. For more information and prices, call the Kennebunkport Town Hall at 207-967-4243 or visit their website.

At Goose Rocks Beach, dogs are allowed on the beach during certain times and the ordinance has recently changed. See the Town of Kennebunkport website for the latest information. Leash and pick-up laws apply.


Arundel Beach (Kennebunkport)
Off Ocean Avenue, near the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport
Arundel Beach (also known as Colony Beach) is much appreciated by those who love to scramble on its rocks and watch the surf dash the shore. No parking permit needed. Dogs are allowed on Arundel Beach. Leash and pick-up laws apply.

Beach Walks

The beaches offer walks that can be enjoyed any time of day.

The Kennebunk Beaches Walk
The string of beaches, Mother's, Middle and Gooch's, that stretch along Beach Avenue from Gooch's Beach past Lord's Point are connected by sidewalks. It is approximately 1 1/2 miles from the far end of Gooch's Beach to Lord's Point, for about a 3-mile round trip. Go past Lord's Point, and you can add another 0.6 mile to your excursion, making a 4.2-mile round trip.

The Goose Rocks Beach Walk
Goose Rocks Beach is approximately 3 miles long, so you can figure on a 6 mile round trip if you walk the whole thing. With no sidewalks, walkers enjoy the sandy beach, where sand dollars and shells can be readily found.

The Parson's Way Shore Walk
The Parson's Way Shore Walk is a favorite walk of those who love to take in the ocean view and admire the gracious summer homes along the way. The walk begins at Arundel Beach (also known as Colony Beach) and continues past St. Ann's Church. On the way to Walkers Point, the summer home of President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Bush, are Spouting Rock and Blowing Cave, two dramatic spectacles of the sea best seen at high tide. For even more inclusive sightseeing, you can make a long loop by continuing past Turbat's Creek and take a left onto Wildes District Road for a walk back towards town.

The Chamber is also part of The Maine Beaches Association, a group of the Chambers of Commerce from York to Old Orchard Beach. With over 35 miles of sandy beaches, the southern Maine region is the most popular Maine destination for people looking for sun and fun on the miles of sandy beaches!

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