Chamber Charity Crafting Night

Wish Lists

Animal Welfare Society Wish List
Cat or Dog Food
Frontline & Revolution Flea & Tick Preventative for large dogs
Peanut butter
Hot Dogs
Gift certificates to Walmart, Home Depot, Staples, W.B. Mason, grocery stores, and pet supply stores
Gas cards
Postcard and First Class Forever Stamps
Paper Towels
Accel Disinfectant
Dawn Dish Soap
Magic Erasers
Gently used tennis balls
Pro-Team QuietPro BP HEPA Backpack Vacuum
Pine wood or aspen shavings: no cedar, please
Slip Leads
Small, soft training treats
Sturdy Dog, cat or small animal  toys
Paper towel or toilet paper rolls
Empty cereal, tissue, shoe and cracker boxes
Puppy Training Pads (22 inches or larger)
Kitty Litter
Kitten Replacement Milk
New scratching posts
Small animal cages
Water bottles (16 oz or larger)
Small litter boxes (6 x 12)
Animal-related magazines
Animal-related books
Arts and crafts supplies
Animal-related games
Animal-related DVDs
Clean, Empty Cardboard or Styrofoam Egg Cartons
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Lucky Pup Rescue Wish List
Dog treats
Flea and Tick prevention, heartguard
Sturdy dog toys
Gift certificates to Super Dogs and Cats, Reigning Cats and Dogs, Walmart, Staples, etc.
Gas cards
Paper towels and cleaning spray solution with bleach
New or gently used crates, leashes, harnesses, collars
Puppy training pads,
Dog of Baby Gates
Dog Beds
Winter coats for dogs
Office Supplies (copy paper, envelopes, ink, stamps)
Fleece or cotton fabric
Paper Towels
The gift of your time and talents as foster families or volunteer