Living Here

Top 10 Reasons to Live Here

  1. A Sense of Belonging

    Whether you are born here or move here, you will find a sense of home and welcome unlike any other place.

  2. Friendly Faces

    Meeting friendly people is easy here – people who are eager to know you and willing to help in good times and bad.

  3. Outstanding Schools

    Schools that strive to make every child shine!

  4. A Food Lover’s Paradise

    Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, its all here: nationally-renowned restaurants, fabulous seafood and creative award-winning chefs.

  5. We’re Pet-Friendly

    Your best friend is always welcome with unlimited places to walk, run and play.

  6. Time-Honored Traditions

    Festivals, fairs, holidays, labors of love, expressions of beauty – reasons to gather and celebrate what has come before and continues today.

  7. Pride In History

    An appreciation of the patriotism, bravery, dedication, talent and industry that helped a nation and a state become great.

  8. Stunning Natural Beauty

    Maine’s rocky coast, sandy beaches, pristine forests, magnificent marshes, sparkling rivers, lakes and streams and breathtaking mountains nearby are a constant canvas of beauty for all to behold.

  9. Seasons to Celebrate

    Each season offers distinct colors, sights, smells and sounds as we celebrate the entire year, from May Day to Christmas Prelude and every occasion in between.

  10. Time to Smell the Roses

    But most of all, it is a place to reflect and enjoy life – the busy time and the quiet times.